A fruit forward and flavour packed unique opportunity to experience three competition quality ultra rare arabica varieties from the award winning Café Granja la Esperanza.


Café Granja la Esperanza are known throughout the world of specialty coffee as producers of ultra rare specialty high altitude coffees. It’s an umbrella name for a group of five century old farms spread across Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca. The farms experiment with rare exquisite varieties of Arabica that need special attention and farming practices to allow them to thrive.

This selection of coffees is very rare and of competition quality, usually reserved only for in brewers cup or world barista competition.

Sudan Rume

Cultivar: Sudan Rume
Farm: Las Margaritas, Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca Departmennt, Colombia
Process: Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitude: 1570 - 1850m asl


Sudan Rume is an ancient landrace Arabica tracing it’s history back to the highlands of South West Ethiopia and the Boma plateau of South Sudan.



Cultivar: Mokka
Farm: Hawaii, Sasaima, Caicedonia, Cundinamarca Department, Colombia
Process: Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitude: 1450 - 1530m asl

Mokka is a variety brought from Ethiopia or the Yemen first identified as unique on a Hawaiian coffee research station. The plant is tiny compared to other Arabicas, only growing to 4-6 feet high, and it produces coffee small in size but big in flavour.


Cultivar: Laurina
Farm: La Esperanza, Trujillo, Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia
Process: Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitude: 1430m – 1760m asl


Laurina is most famous in the world of coffee for being a naturally low caffeine variety. First identified on the island of Bourbon in the Indian Ocean it has a distinctive pointed shape and the plant has a Christmas tree shape