Moka pots offer a unique way to brew strong, intense coffee with rich, bold flavours. The process involves heating water in the bottom chamber, which creates steam pressure that forces hot water through the coffee grounds and into the upper chamber, resulting in a robust big bodied cup of coffee.




3 cup Moka Pot Brewer:

A stovetop coffee maker



To get that coffee brewin'


30g Coffee:

Grind it slightly coarser than espresso

Coffee Grinder:

Having a coffee grinder is preferred, because coffee and oxygen are arch enemies. The longer you wait to grind your beans before brewing, the better.


I think we all know what a kettle does.

Tea Towel or Oven Gloves:

For screwing the top onto the base.

Heat the water:

Heat the Water: In your kettle, bring water to 92-94°C. Pour enough water into the moka pot base to sit just below the safety valve.


Fill the filter basket:

Add freshly ground coffee to the moka pot filter basket. Level it off without compacting the grounds and whisper sweet nothings to it to ensure a satisfactory brew.


Assemble the Moka Pot:

Carefully place the filter basket into the hot base. Use a tea towel to hold the base, *Don’t burn yourself! then screw the top of the moka pot tightly onto the base.


Heat the Moka Pot:

Place the assembled moka pot on the stove set to medium-low heat. Leave the lid open so you can watch it. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to stare this time.



Once the coffee starts to foam into the top chamber, drop it, drop it low (the heat that is). Let it brew for around 30 seconds.If the coffee stalls - increase heat, if it increases in speed-decrease the heat. You want a nice steady flow


Finish the brew:

As soon as you hear the first splutter of air at the end of the brew, remove the moka pot from the heat.


Serve and enjoy:

Now shriek with delight and pour that freshly brewed coffee into your ARTISAN ROAST MUG and enjoy the delicious, big bodied espresso-like flavours.



Tip #1


Use a needle distribution tool to ensure your grounds are clump-free, then lightly tap the basket on the counter to compress them slightly.


Tip #2


Use an Aeropress filter under the top section of the chamber and wet it, so that it sticks to the top, this adds another level of clarity so your cup is a bit cleaner.


Tip #3


Cleaning the moka pot thoroughly after every brew is essential to avoid bitter and rancid flavours in your coffee. Remember to remove the seal from the upper half of the moka pot for thorough cleaning


Tip #4


To avoid a sputtering noise, keep an eye on the coffee as it brews. If it sputters, immediately cool the base under a tap and lower the heat.