You're at your favourite Artisan Roast cafe on a rare sunny morning in Scotland, sipping on a clean, crisp cup of coffee without a hint of bitterness or acidity. Life is good.

Moments pass and you find yourself taking the last sip. A bead of sweat trickles down your face and a panicked thought comes into your head “How will I ever recreate this heavenly brew at home?!”. Fear not, friend. You too can craft that perfect cup right in your kitchen. Yes, even you! All you need is the right gear and this nifty brew guide.

V60 Who?: Hario began as an eco-friendly heat-proof glass manufacturer in Japan in 1921. With a focus on in-house development, Hario introduced many coffee innovations, including the Syphon, Slow Drip, and its iconic V60. In the 1980s, Hario's designers created a parabolic-shaped dripper for a cleaner-tasting cup. Despite initial setbacks due to the popularity of instant coffee, the V60 eventually became a beloved tool among coffee enthusiasts.


V60 + filters


Carafe or another suitable vessel


30g Coffee

Coffee Grinder:

To freshly grind your coffee for the best taste

Kettle with temp. control:

For precise heating of water


For accurate measurement of coffee and water

Step 1:

Grind 21g of coffee to a medium-coarse setting, akin to caster sugar.


Step 2:

Place a filter in your V60 and set it on your vessel; rinse with hot water.


Step 3:

Discard the rinse water, then place the V60 on your scale.


Step 4:

Add ground coffee, level the bed, and zero the scales.


Step 5:

Start the timer and pour 60-70g of hot water over the coffee for the bloom; wait 45 seconds.


Step 6:

Continue pouring to 350g, aiming to finish within 1 minute and 45 seconds.


Step 7:

Let the water drain, finishing within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.


Step 8:

Pour and enjoy!



Tip #1


After blooming, swirl V60 vigorously for even saturation.


Tip #2


Pour water in concentric circles spiralling outwards, then back in- control is key here

Tip #3


After final pour, gently swirl V60 twice for even extraction.