Whole Beans

Delicate fruity notes of blueberry and raisin are complemented by a milk chocolate and  digestive ginger sweetness. Excellent black or with milk.


Blend: 30%  Ethiopia Yirga Chefe Natural, 50% Ethiopia Yirga Chefe Washed, 20%  Brazil Fazenda Colina Natural 

Arabica Cultivar: Yellow Catuai; Local landraces and JARC Selections

Process: Natural, Washed, Natural

Altitude: Range of 1100 - 1950m asl

Roast Level: Medium Dark


One Brazilian and two Ethiopians coffees come together beautifully in this blend to give a robust and transparent brew that works as well for espresso as it does for a pour over.


Brazilian Fazenda Colina is a high quality focused coffee farm we've been working with for four years now.  While the farm lies in the coffee heartlands of Sul de Minas in Brazil its completely unique terroir sets it apart from surrounding farms. Visiting Colina means leaving the rolling hills and medium altitude, and driving up to a vast, raised hilly outcrop, inhabited by jaguar and with a visual nod to the Scottish Highlands.  Its cooler climate means Colina’s coffee crop ripens only when many farms have finished their harvest. This slow development of coffee fruit almost always leads to improved drinking quality and provides the perfect base for Trigonometry.

We've looked at a lot of Ethiopian natural coffee this year and this one really stood out as an excellent pouring. It was sourced through the large centralised EXC platform that deals with most coffee in Ethiopia, and is the first time Artisan have bought coffee from this zone, just to the south-west of Yirga Chee town. We have kept the roast light to preserve the clarity of cup and let the ripe fruit flavours roll out, particularly blueberry, raspberry and mango. Delicate floral aromas of elderflower begin to sparkle as the coffee cools and a black grape acidity balances this very sweet coffee together with a delicious, long lasting finish.


Ratio - 1:1.9

Dose - 18.5g

Yield - 35g

Contact Time - 32s

Group Head Temperature - 92°C

Pump Pressure 7.5bar