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Sparkling citrus fruit, blackcurrant, and redcurrant interlace flawlessly over a dense, syrupy melon sweetness. The very essence of exceptional Kenyan coffee.


Producers: Around 1200 Co-operative members of Kagumo Factory
Region: Kagumo Town, Kirinyaga Central District, Kenya
Arabica Cultivar: SL28, SL34, Batian
Altitude: 1650 – 1750m asl
Process: Fully Washed


At its best, Kenyan coffee is quite remarkable with a quality and intensity rarely matched elsewhere. The coffees have a bold, effervescent acidity combined with delicious citrus fruit and berry flavours. Central Kenya continues to produce the peak of this quality, with Kirinyaga and Nyeri being the stand out districts year in year out.
Kagumo factory, sits in the heart of this zone, in Kirinyaga close to the border with Nyeri. It’s farmer members live a handful of miles from Kagumo town itself town, their few hundred trees growing on rolling, red earthed hills under the shadow of Mount Kenya. They bring ripe red cherry from these trees into the central processing factory and it is typical for the members to re-sort their harvest on the day of picking before fermentation takes place. This separates out the best of the coffee, the results of which we are delighted to be able to buy.

Kagumo is a returning favourite of Artisan Roast and this micro-lot captures the very essence of what we look for in exceptional Kenyan coffee. For this reason we’ve kept the roast light with filter brewing in mind. Coffees like this are rare with an intensity and complexity that Kenya has built a well-deserved reputation on. This approach helps to showcase the complex, almost effervescent, citric and apple acidity. Signature Kenyan blackcurrant and redcurrant notes, complemented by candied lemon, create a delicious fruitiness to the coffee. A syrupy, viscous melon-like sweetness harmoniously balances taste, elevating the citrus and berry fruit notes. As the coffee cools, undertones of caramel, vanilla, and stewed rhubarb unfold on the finish.
We’d recommend drinking Kagumo without milk to best experience the clarity and complexity of and on filter, aeropress or French press. If you prefer milk with your coffee the flavours will switch to a warming, satisfying cinder toffee and citrus curd on a butter like mouthfeel.