Grind Settings

Each brewing method requires different sizes of coffee grinds. It can be one of the more confusing aspects of brewing great coffee so we have put together this visual guide to help get you grinding at the right grinder settings for your chosen brew methods. Please remember that different grinders give varying quality coffee grounds, so just try to get as close to our suggestions as your grinder allows.


Very fine grind. Difficult to feel individual grains, the grind should resemble flour and may clump together. This is the grind size that is used for Espresso and Turkish (although Turkish requires it to be even finer than is required for espresso).


Fine grind. Smooth, but can still feel individual grains. Finer than caster sugar but not quite a powder.


Fine to medium grind. For a relatively standard AeroPress recipe we tend to grind a little finer than for pourover. Grinding finer allows a little extra pressure to build during the press due to resistance of water passing through the finer grinds. Slightly finer than caster sugar.


Medium/fine grind. For small pour brew, we tend to grind somewhere in the medium/fine range. Since we’re using less water, it’s going to be harder to extend the brew time, so the finer grind will help extract quickly. A slightly finer consistency than of caster sugar. This grind size works for 01 V60 / 155 Kalita / 3 cup Chemex / similar sized brewers

French Press

Coarse grind. A grind that will look somewhat chunky but has no bits that are too large. Because thecoffee is steeped in hot water, the contact time between the water and coffee is much longer, whichrequires a coarser grind. Grind contains distinct particles with an appearance like coarse kitchen saltor demerara sugar.