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A lavish, fruit forward coffee from the highlands of Sidama. Ripe blueberry, brown spice and delicate violet florals combine on a delicious milk chocolate base.


Producers: Small-holders of the Keramo community
Region: Keramo Village, Bensa Woreda, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia
Arabica Cultivar: Local Sidama Landraces and JARC Speciality Cultivars
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2300m asl

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Coffee Arabica blossomed in the highlands of Southern Ethiopia, and the country’s farmers still have a completely unique bank of cultivars and landraces available to them compared to the rest of the coffee world. These plants play an important role in the distinct and much-loved flavour profiles Ethiopian coffee has. The farming communities, diverse micro-climates, and dizzying altitudes play equally important roles in creating these unique flavours, and are why Sidama produces some truly exceptional coffee.

Communities group their coffee together and this coffee represents the producers who live within the Keramo village community, and deliver their crop to the Keramo wet mill. Keramo, like another Artisan Roast Ethiopian favourite Bombe, is in the Bensa district of Sidamo, where at heights of 2300 metres above sea level the coffee here grows slowly. This altitude helps to fix sugar in the fruit and at the Keramo mill this quality potential is cared for by making sure the drying fruit never gets too hot. By using cooler shaded drying beds than the more common open beds, and turning the coffee regularly over nearly four weeks, the result is a delicious fruit forward representation of what makes Ethiopian coffee unique.

Our roast profile of Keramo this season is a lighter, faster approach that brings out all of the classic Sidama flavour notes, perfect for filter, aeropress, and French press brewing. Ripe blueberry and peach notes sit over a brown sugar and milk chocolate base. Orange citrus and violet florals follow with hints of brown spice and dried fruit on the finish. A rounded juiciness supports the fruit notes, while positive sweetness balances the bright zestiness from the faster roast.