FRENCH PRESS Brewing guide 

-Artisan Roast coffee
-Grinder (optional)
-French Press
-Digital scales


Before starting check how much water fits in your French Press and round down to thenearest 50ml.

A ratio of 7 or 8 grams of per 100ml of water is a great starting point for brewing.
You can adjust stronger or weaker to your personal taste. Weigh the amount of coffee you need for brewing. If you are grinding beans, grind to a course, even grind (See our coffee grinding guide).

Boil your kettle and leave it to rest for a minute.

Put your French Press with ground coffee on the scales and press tare.  

Slowly pour the hot water onto the grounds making sure you wet all the coffee evenly.  

Take the French Press off the scales and let the coffee steep for four minutes.  

 After 4 minutes stir give the coffee and water a gentle stir.  

Put the plunger in and press slowly and carefully, avoid compressing the bed of coffee at the bottom.  

Serve into your favourite mug and enjoy!


After stirring your coffee at 4 minutes there will be some foam and coffee floating at the top. Use a couple of spoons to skim this out. This will help to make your brew taste a little cleaner and sweeter.