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Effortlessly moreish flavours of roasted almond and chocolate combine with caramel sweetness and a long-lasting orange citrus finish.


Producer: Aurelio Villatoro Castillo

Region: Hoja Blanca, Cuilco, Huehuetenango

Co-operative: La Virgen  (Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza)

Cultivar:   Caturra

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude: 1380m – 1750m asl


The immense beauty of highland Huehuetenango is characterised by dramatic lush, mountainous valleys rolling on and on and on into the distance. Each valley has a unique micro-climate and the region produces distinct and diverse coffees that represent their terroir so well.

Finca Villaure has it’s own distinct and unique flavour profile, formed by the surrounding landscape and weather patterns.  The farm lies to the North-West of Huehetenango, almost within touching distance of the border with Mexico.  Cold nights and ideal soil make the location perfect for coffee growing and the farm, an acronym of Aurellio Villatoro’s name since purchase, has been a proven winner many in a quality competition. The farms supporting sustainability standards help complement Aurellio’s wholistic approach to coffee growing and commitment to
quality. We’ve opted for a medium roast with this years Villaure. Silky smooth in texture, with primary flavours of roasted almond, caramel and mandarin orange, it’s an incredibly moreish coffee to drink. Further notes of chocolate, dried fruit and plum come through on the finish showcasing the finesse and complexity of Villaure.

This more roast forward expression of the coffee this year makes coffee perfect for filter, aeropress or French press brewing. Aeropress really brings out the fruit like notes and almost a praline-esque flavour from the combination of chocolate and roasted almond. Filter brewing is a crisper, more citrus fruit and roasted nut coffee where the clarity of Villaure shines.

For espresso drinkers of Villaure here’s a recipe we’ve been drinking in our quality lab. How much you put into the portafilter will depend on your machine and this particular recipe was developed on a La Marzocco GS3/VST19g basket/K30 Grinder. It brews an espresso that combines flavours of
praline, orange citrus and plum with a rounded, almost cocoa buttery mouthfeel.
Ratio: 1 : 225 ratio / 18g : 40.5g @ 92.5°C
Brew time: 28 - 30 seconds
TDS: 9.05%
Extraction: 21.10%
If you’re not sure about ratios this means ‘dry coffee weight: brewed coffee weight’. Weight is a more consistent way of measuring than volume and we always recommend using an inexpensive set of digital scales that have 0.1g resolution when brewing at home.


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