Rwanda / Natural


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A rich treacle and malt loaf base combines with sumptuous flavours of red berry, apple and orange citrus. 


Producer:  Around 1650 producers local to Tumba Washing Station
Region:  Tumba, Rulindu District, Northern Province, Rwanda 
Arabica Cultivar:  Red Bourbon
Process:  Natural
Altitude:  1750m – 1900m asl


The lush, green rolling mountains and deep valleys of Rwanda’s highlands are home to hundreds of coffee washing stations, the centralised points for smallholders to process their coffee. Almost all of this coffee is the high quality and accessible Bourbon cultivar, or its local variants like Jackson and Mayaguez. This means when flavour profile changes in Rwanda beyond the beloved supreme balance, and a delicious sugar browning notes, the coffees it does so as a result of local terroir.

Washing stations in Rwanda sit at the very heart of the local community and this is very much the case with Tumba. Around 1650 local farmers living in the surrounding area contribute their small holding coffee harvest to the station. Now owned by former teacher Venuste Mugiraneza, Tumba is a pristine example of a modern Rwandan washing station. The washed coffee, super clean, caramel and citrus forward finds its way into Janszoon, our go-to daily driver in the cafés. This micro-lot showcases the other side of modern Rwandan coffee – a bold natural process with lots of upfront fruit notes.

Rwanda has three main terroir zones, with Tumba situated in the Northern zone. Coffees from this region are known for their apple and molasses-like flavours and a more structured profile than those from the South or West. These core flavours are enhanced by notes of cherry, redcurrant, and dried fruit over a syrupy sweet malt loaf-like base. There’s a lemon zestiness in the structure, and, like all great Rwandan coffees, the balance is supreme.

Our roast leans towards filter, French press, and Aeropress brewing. For those with an espresso machine, we recommend pulling your shot longer than a 1:2 ratio to balance out the lemon zest and structure. The reward is a syrupy sweet coffee with bold notes of red fruit, orange marmalade, and light molasses.