Whole Beans

A cup half full with caffeine yet briming over in flavour. Notes of milk chocolate, caramel and orange zest roll onto a dreamy shortbread like finish.


Producer: Swiss Water Process Decaf Brazil; Jaime Guevara

Region: Sul de Minas, Brazil; La Palma, Municipality of Chalatenango , Alotepec-Metapán, El Salvador 

Cultivar:  Various across the blend including P88, Yellow Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Natural; Honey Process

Altitude: 850m - 1650m asl




Whether you are looking for way to reduce your caffeine intake generally, or love the idea of being able to drink specialty coffee later than usual into the evening then The Optimist has been roasted just for you. It’s a seasonal half caffeine blend that combines one of our much-loved single origin coffees with our go-to decaf. The result is a coffee so much more than half full with flavour, yet with only half the caffeine of your normal brew. The blend will move with the seasons,  n keeping with
our approach of bringing you fresh, delicious high-quality coffee, just like our usual single origin range.

The caffeinated half of The Optimist in V2021.1 is from Jaime Guevara in El Salvador. Jaime is an award-winning farmer and his quality focused approach to has made his coffees become long-term customer favourites. Combining quality and approachability his Finca Don Jaime brings moreish dessert like attributes to the blend led by rich milk chocolate, dried fruit, all balanced off by an orange marmalade like zestiness.


Our decaf is our house roast decaf, a classic Southern Brazilian coffee decafeinated by the Swiss Water® process. The team there are meticulous at selecting coffees that not only taste great before decaffeination, but retain their unique characteristics after the caffeine has been removed too. Here they bring a sweet foundation with dark molasses like character and notes of malt to the blend, along with the appealing shortbread like finish. Both coffees have been roasted on a medium plus roast individually before blending after roasting. This means we can bring the best out of each, adapting the roast to suit the way each coffee reacts to roasting.





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