Whole Beans

Rich dark chocolate melds with warming cedar spice and orange citrus. An exotic, roast forward single origin Sumatran born for lovers of milk-based coffee drinks and espresso.


Producer:  60 producers surrounding the Burni Telong volcano from

Region:   Karang Rejo, Panji Mulia & Babbusalam Redelong districts, Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia

Local Collector: Mahdi Usati

Cultivar:  Tim Tim & Caturra

Process:  Giling Basah

Altitude:   1300m - 1600m asl




The unique sensory experience of Sumatran coffees has always been the central point of our much loved Janszoon blend. A lot of this distinctive flavour originates from the Giling Basah method of processing coffee after harvesting. This involves peeling the final delicate parchment skin away from the coffee we roast while the seed is still fairly wet, hence the western name for the process, wet-hulling. When mastered, Giling Basah produces striking, exotic coffees with an instantly recognisable quality.

Refining this process, building transparency and getting recognition for the smallholders of Northern Sumatra is a goal of Mahdi Usati the local collector that curated this micro-lot. Mahdi works with a network of smallholder families who live under the shadow of the Burni Telong volcano in the heart of the Aceh province. This lot takes the name of the volcano and combines the harvest of 60 farmers. Madhi collects the coffee when it has been pulped and then carefully wet hulls and dries each delivery separately, only combining the farmers harvests after tasting them.

The result of this care and attention takes Sumatran coffee to the next level in quality. The dark chocolate flavour that is so appealing with this origin remains the foundational flavour along with an exotic positive cedar/nutmeg brown spice. Orange citrus, passion fruit and dried apricot flavours then follow on the finish, complimented by a viscous maple syrup like texture.

We’ve developed this roast to bring out the most of the chocolate and spice like character, making it ideal as a single origin espresso or for people who enjoy milk with their coffee.  Its also a great way for Janszoon drinkers to try out the world of single origin coffees while still having a comforting level of familiarity.

Espresso Recipe
If you are brewing Burni Telong as an espresso here’s a recipe we enjoyed in the lab. How much you put into the portafilter will depend on your machine. It brews a dark chocolate and mandarin orange like espresso. After flavours of molasses, pecan nut and warming spice roll onto a syrupy like mouthfeel.

Ratio: 1 : 1.88 ratio / 17g : 32g
Brew time: 30 - 32 seconds
Brew Temperature: 91°C
TDS: 10.10%
Extraction: 19.70%

If you’re not sure about ratios this means ‘dry coffee weight: brewed coffee weight’. Weight is a more consistent way of measuring than volume and we always recommend using an inexpensive set of digital scales that have 0.1g resolution when brewing at home.

If you can change the temperature of your espresso machine, we’ve added notes on preferred temperature as well. Changing temperature can impact on the types of flavours most present as well as the intensity of the acidity in an espresso.




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