Whole Beans

Layered flavours of milk chocolate, maraschino cherry and almond combine on a creamy silk like mouthfeel. An expressive, yet accessible Brazilian coffee.

Producer: Sergio Ameruso Ottoni

Region: Varginha, Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Farm: Lagoa da Serra

Cultivar: Arara and Mundo Novo 

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1060m – 1120 asl

Sul de Minas is the heartland of Brazilian coffee. It’s gently rolling hills are covered in a deep green patchwork blanket of farms, many of whom are members of the local co-operative Minasul. The co- operative supports thousands of growers around the city of Varginha and runs an annual quality competition to give visibility to producers aiming to make high quality specialty coffee.

We’ve long been supporters of Minasul’s competition at Artisan Roast and several of the farms we’re working with long term have won in the past. This year we’ve secured the second-place natural process micro-lot, from a farm just East of Varginha, Lagoa de Serra. Owner Sergio Ameruso Ottoni has been running the farm for just under twenty years, and has just been successful in the competition for the first time with a newer planting of the cultivar Arara along with the much loved and well-known Mundo Novo.

Sergio’s coffee represents all that is loved about Brazilian coffee with an added touch of finesse. It has a dense milk chocolate and almond like base on which succulent fruit flavours of maraschino cherry, cranberry and pomegranate sit. A creaminess in mouthfeel adds weight to the chocolate like flavour and a pleasing lime citrus note comes through on the finish. Part of the joy of high-quality Brazilian coffee are the range of brewing options open for enjoying the coffee at home. Filter brews will bring out more of the citrus and berry notes while the opulent cacao and brown sugar like flavours are enhanced with immersion or espresso-based drinks.

If you are brewing Lagoa de Serra as an espresso here’s a recipe we enjoyed in the lab. How much you put into the portafilter will depend on your machine. It brews a juicy, balanced espresso with roasted nut, orange citrus and maraschino cherry flavours. Hints of vanilla come through as an after flavour and the coffee has a dense, dough like mouthfeel.

Ratio: 1 : 2.11 ratio / 17g : 36g
Brew time: 27 - 29 seconds
Brew Temperature: 94°C
TDS: 9.08%
Extraction: 19.93%

If you’re not sure about ratios this means ‘dry coffee weight: brewed coffee weight’. Weight is a more consistent way of measuring than volume and we always recommend using an inexpensive set of digital scales that have 0.1g resolution when brewing at home. If you can change the temperature of your espresso machine, we’ve added notes on preferred temperature as well. Changing temperature can impact on the types of flavours most present as well as the intensity of the acidity in an espresso.



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