Stoneware Mug + Coffee




Our popular matt finished Artisan Roast stoneware mugs are the perfect size for a generous pour of filter coffee or a delicious homemade flat white. The stoneware helps keep the coffee warm longer and the cork base is non-slip, no scratch and naturally waterproof.

We’re pairing the mug with the delicious crowd pleasing silky-smooth all-day drinking Trigonometry blend. 


This product is a pre-order  bundle and coffee will be roasted and shipped on the 13th December. This will guarantee optimum freshness for brewing over the festive season.

 !!! Any other items you've added to your cart will be shipped along with your Pre-order. If you want to receive some coffee immediately before your pre-ordered item arrives, please create a separate order !!!



This gift includes:

1 x 385ml (13 fl oz) Artisan Roast Stoneware Mug with Natural Cork Base.  


1 x 250g Trigonometry blends