Whole Beans

Sumptuous notes of caramel, forest fruit and candied lemon citrus combine in this expressive, layered micro-lot from an award-winning producer.


Producer: Rosa Maria De La Peña Illescas

Region: Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango

Farm: Los Aguacatones

Cultivar: Typica, Bourbon, Villa Sarchi

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1900m -2000 m asl


The immense beauty of highland Huehuetenango is characterised by dramatic lush, mountainous valleys rolling on and on and on into the distance. The steep valleys create unique micro-climates and the region produces distinct, diverse coffees as a result. The award-winning Los Aguacatones is in a high altitude, wider valley, sitting on the edge of the ancient city of Huehuetenango itself.

Originally planned to be an avocado farm (hence the name), it’s one of a handful of farms owned by the Morales family. Following the switch to coffee a lot of work has gone into building an environment where the coffee can thrive. Indigenous shade tree planting and soil improvement have reaped benefits over the last decade and the farm regularly places in the Cup of Excellence competition. Rosa Maria leaves the post-harvest processing to her son Freddy Morales and from the range of methods Freddy crafts at the farm this micro-lot is a washed process coffee.

Kept lighter in the roast to showcase its flavours best, Los Aguacatones has a syrupy texture and forest fruit jammy like flavour profile. Underlying caramels provide a base for notes of blackberry and plum and red apple. A black tea like florality adds refinement, while a bright, candied lemon like acidity adds balance and structure. Filter brewing brings out the most of the brightness, caramels and florality, and to enjoy the delicious jammy fruit aeropress or French press are our go to recommendations.


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