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Fresh, effervescent and a shining example of Kenyan Coffee. Zesty lemon sherbet citrus aromas combine effortlessly with light molasses, blackcurrant and hints of vanilla.


Producer:  Around 700 Co-operative members of Gatomboya Factory

Region:  Nyeri District, Central Province, Kenya

Cultivar: SL28 and SL34

Process:  Fully Washed 

Altitude1600m - 1850masl



At it’s best, Kenyan coffee is quite remarkable with a quality and intensity rarely matched elsewhere. Within Kenya, the Nyeri region continues to produce delicious coffees that achieve the stellar heights possible, full of bold, effervescent acidity and citrus fruit flavours.

Gatomboya factory is always one of the shining stars of Nyeri and a long term favourite of Artisan Roast. Its’ farmer members live a handful of miles from Karatina town, their few hundred trees growing on rolling, red earthed hills under the shadow of Mount Kenya. They deliver ripe red cherry from these trees into a central co-operative washing station, like Gatomboya, for further processing, drying and sale.

The roast of this large beaned AA micro-lot has been kept light with filter brewing in mind. This approach helps to preserve the complex, almost effervescent, citric and apple like acidity of Gatomboya. This structure is supported with a light muscovado sugar like sweetness that balances taste and enhances the fruit and caramel like flavours. Stand out flavours of lemon citrus, molasses and blackcurrant lead onto undertones of vanilla, dark chocolate, and jasmine florals.

We’d recommend drinking Gatamboya without milk to best experience the clarity and complexity of and on filter, aeropress or French press. If you prefer milk with your coffee the flavours will switch to cinder toffee and citrus curd on a butter like mouthfeel.

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