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Mouth-watering layers of ripe red berry, pineapple and plum meld over a syrupy muscovado sugar like sweetness. A delicious fruit forward El Salvadorean natural  process from an award-winning farm.

Producer: Carlos Mauricio Lemus Landaverde

Region:  El Túnel, La Palma, Municipality of Chalatenango

Farm:  Peña Redonda

Cultivar: Pacamara 

Process: natural

Altitude: 1400 - 1500m asl



The El Salvador border lands of North East Chalatenango are home to small owned family coffee farms, usually a handful of hectares in size, where the coffee trees grow under gentle shade in the mountains that rise to the high-altitude border with Honduras. In this thinner mountain air the coffee has a unique profile
very different from the more Pacific influenced growing zones to the west.

Of these farms Peña Redonda found recognition for producing award winning coffee while owned and run by Jose Maria Lemus. Now in the hand of Jose’s son Carlos the production of Pacamara coffees in the moreish classic Chalatenango style continues as ever.
The farm itself is high in the hills above the town of La Palma. Perfectly named after the huge boulder in the middle of the farm, around half the farm is planted with the equally large beaned Pacamara. Carlos then brings his Pacamara from down the hill to a processing area nearer La Palma, and the raised drying beds at the site are a rainbow of different colours of coffees curing ready for export. These colours are the
result of varying sun drying times, all carefully managed, and offering differing levels of ferment and resulting flavour profile. It's a luxury to be able to be offered such a selection of coffee and from the natural, honey and washed process coffees from the farm this year have selected a natural process Pacamara micro-lot.

With a medium roast Peña Redonda has layers of vibrant fruit like characteristics. Pineapple, red berry and plum meld harmoniously together with more subtle notes of ripe mango, vanilla and hazelnut. Supporting dark chocolate and muscovado sugar like character creates a delicious base, and a zesty lemon-like acidity adds balance and structure.



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