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An opulent and expressive Pacamara.  Layered flavours of ripe marasca cherries, cacao nib and lime citrus lead onto a viscous syrupy mouthfeel.

Producer:  Johny Javier Lemus Valle

Region:  La Palma, Municipality of Chalatenango

Farm:  San Antonio

Cultivar:   Pacamara

Process:   Natural

Altitude:   1500m asl



Nestled in the lush green mountains of Northern El Salvador, the town of La Palma in Chalatenango is a rainbow of beautiful muraled houses and shops. These vibrant, expressive colours are typical of the region and mirrored on raised drying beds at surrounding farms where natural, honey and washed coffees are tended by producers. The different colours reflect different processing as well as carefully controlled variations in fermentations or drying times.

Of the many cultivars now grown in Chalatenango one constant is Pacamara, a bold beaned hybrid between the cultivars Pacas and Maragogype developed in El Salvador. Of all the regions in the country it thrives in Chalatenango, so much so, it is as if the region is its spiritual home. As well as the distinctive size and shape, Pacamara’s bold fruit flavours and vibrant acidity are central to its success story, setting it aside from other Arabica cultivars.

This micro-lot comes from Johny Javier’s farm San Antonio. Johnny has spent a decade mastering the art of processing and this opulent and expressive Pacamara captures so well why Chalatenango’s producers have such a deservedly high reputation. The ripe fruit so characteristic of Pacamara presents itself as flavours of vibrant marasca cherries and zesty lime citrus. Supporting flavours of cacao nib, raspberry and ripe tropical fruit lead onto hints of black tea and almond nougat. Finally, a viscous, syrupy sugar cane sweetness on the finish provides a perfect balance to the bright zestyness so typical of the Pacamara cultivar.

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