El Derrumbo

El Salvador / Washed


Whole Beans

Indulgent dessert-like flavours of milk chocolate, hazelnut and pink grapefruit roll onto a sweet nougat finish. A classic washed El Salvadorean style coffee.

Producer: Vincente Rafael Diaz
Region: La Palma, Municipality of Chalatenango , Alotepec-Metapán
Farm:  Finca El Derrumbo
Arabica Cultivar: Pacamara
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1375m asl

The El Salvador border lands of North East Chalatenango are home to small owned family coffee farms, usually a handful of hectares in size, where the coffee trees grow under gentle shade in the mountains that rise to the high-altitude border with Honduras. In this thinner mountain air the coffee has a unique profile very different from the more Pacific influenced growing zones to the west.

Of these farms Vincente Rafael Diaz farm El Derrumbo is typical of the area. Renamed ‘El Derrumbo’ a few years ago after a landslide hit the area, the small farm grows a selection of cultivars including El Salvador’s very own Pacamara. This is a bold beaned hybrid between the cultivars Pacas and Maragogype developed in El Salvador. It's distinctive flavour profile and syrupy finish set it aside from other Arabica cultivars and it's become so popular with farmers in Chalatenango, its as if the region is its spiritual home.

While honey and natural process coffees are increasingly common in the region, washed process coffees can showcase the classic structure and flavour profile that initially established Chalatenango's reputation for quality. These washed coffees have balance, structure and ever appealing dessert like flavours that make them very accessible.

We’ve opted for a classic stretched medium roast for El Derrumbo. This brings a balance of sweetness and structure, highlighting a rich milk chocolate and hazelnut foundation. Flavours of raisin and zesty pink grapefruit then combine before a sweet nougat finish enhances the dense, silky-smooth texture. All this embodies the heart of Chalatenango's coffee tradition. Enjoy!