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Sweet, succulent and equally delicious on many a different coffee brewer.  Creamy butterscotch like flavours lead onto orange citrus, stewed apple and roasted almond like flavours. 


Producer: 100 Members of the Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza

Region:  Guadalupe Municipality, Huila Department, Colombia

Co-operative:   La Virgen  (Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza)

Cultivar:   Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude:   1500 – 1900m asl

The dramatic and lush green rolling hills of the Huila region in the south west of Colombia are home to some truly amazing coffees. They are also home to some amazing small farmers, almost always small scale with farms usually only one or two hectares in size. 

Working collectively has been one of the ways that these small producers have gained visibility and a repuation for producing delicious, consistent coffee. Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza is one of these co-ops.  Blossoming from the orginal four members of 2003 to just over 100 today they sell their coffee as 'La Virgen', recognition of their hometown Gauadalupe's original 18th century name.  Each micro-lot of la Virgen we roast might have a slightly different mix of the members coffee.  This selection, harvested at the end of May 2021 combines the coffee of four members within the wider co-operative.  

The flavour profile of La Virgen personifies all that is delicious about Huila coffees.  Sweetness and orange-like citrus sit harmoniously with the ever appealing flavours of butterscotch, stewed apple and roasted almond rolling across the palate.  Hints of milk chocolate and cranberry add further nuance on the finish .  We've stretched the length of this roast to focus more on balance and caramelisation.  This raises the perceived sweetness, balances the citrus and opens up lots of options for brewing at home with different machines, or for serving with milk


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