Chocolate & Coffee Gift Pack




Colombia produces amazing coffee and delicious cocoa so we’ve combined both in a gift combination for the festive season.



SHIPPING DATES:  A pre-order product with free UK delivery.  All orders will be roasted and shipped seperately from any other coffee ordered on or close to 17th December to keep the coffee as fresh and delicious as possible. 



The Coffee

One of the firm favourites on our coffee menu is produced by the Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza, otherwise known as La Virgen.   Hailing from Guadaloupe in beautiful Huila, Colombia, La Virgen is sweet, succulent and equally delicious on many a different coffee brewer.  Creamy butterscotch like flavours lead onto orange citrus, stewed apple and roasted almond like flavours.


The Chocolate

Coco are a well respected chocolatiers from Edinburgh and work extensively with Colombian cocoa producers.  Their cold brew coffee chocolate is an uplifting combination of dark chocolate and Artisan Roast coffee beans. Nuts, blood orange and caramels are among the few notes that you might discover in this energising piece of chocolate.


This product includes:

1 x 250g Colombia La Virgen Coffee Beans

1 x 80g Single Origin Dark Chocolate (61% cocoa solids)

Vegan / Gluten Free / Palm oil free / origin: Colombia / Artwork: Rachael Hood



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