Whole Beans

Sublime, dessert-like and very drinkable.  A silky, ganache-like rolling texture blends with flavours of milk chocolate, marzipan and lemon citrus. 


Producer: The Rodriguez Family

Region: Samaipata, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia

Farm: Trapiche

Cultivar: Caturra 

Process:  Honey

Altitude:  1550m asl


 Samiapata sits in the Eastern foothills of the Andes, probably as East as the Andean foothills get in South America. Here the coffee intermingles with some of Bolivias wine cultivation, a nod to the temperate nature of the climate in the region. While the wine in the area is bright and zesty, the coffees here take on a more sweet, balanced, and accessible nature.

The Trapiche farm, owned by the Rodriguez family, is part of a network of farms they manage that cover Samiapata and the more Northern region of Caravani. They work with every farm in different ways, seeing what works best for individual micro-climates. This translates to processing as well, and this years micro-lot is a process forward boozy natural process whereby the coffee is given a controlled fermentation while still in the fruit before being dried with meticulous care on raised beds. With medium to high altitude coffees like Trapiche this fermentation forward approach can add complexity, interest and layered flavours with structure and sweetness, ideal for brewing on a range of different coffee makers.

Trapiche retains the classic refinement Bolivian coffees are renowned in terms of its textural qualities – a silky, rolling, ganache like foundation acts as the perfect foil for the fruit forward flavours. Boozy rum and raisin notes combine with cherry, apple and black fruit flavours. Complementing this, an underlying milk chocolate flavour builds through cooling enhancing the mouthfeel qualities. A medium intensity mandarin orange acidity holds the coffee together ensuring that as flavours ebb and flow there remains a central point to hold everything together.


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