Aqi Badu

China / Natural


Whole Beans

An expressive natural process coffee from Yunnan. Notes of pomegranate and prune combine with a tangy lemon citrus zest over a moreish toffee sweetness.


Producer:  Village of Aqi Badu and Banka Washing Station

Region:  Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, China

Arabica Cultivar: Catimor P3 and P4

Process:  Natural

Altitude:  1350 masl


 The Yunnan region, famed for biodiversity and tea, is now fast-gaining recognition for exceptional specialty coffees. Early production in China focused on volume washed coffees for the ever-growing domestic market. Once production stabilised, recent years have seen diversification into micro-lots and alternative processing methods that are breaking pre-conceptions around the world.

Banka farm in Yunnan runs an unusual method of checking harvested coffee fruit quality in that cherries are passed through an optical sorter. This is a technique used in other fruit harvesting and may be a window into the future for coffee. It’s a technique delivering real results and this micro-lot from the farms of nearby Aqi Badu village was checked in this very way before being fermented and dried.

We’ve approached this years Aqi Badu with a medium light roast to make the most of the rich toffee base on which its expressive flavours sit. The extended fermentation brings bold ripe pomegranate and prune notes, followed by hints of nut, white chocolate, and tropical fruit. The tangy candied lemon citrus acidity and a touch of black pepper spice culminate in a perfectly balanced finish. The medium roast balances off the acidity and raises the mouthfeel, making it a great cross over for lots of coffee brewing methods.