Building long term relationships with coffee growers. 
Over the years we have built strong relationships with producers who, like us, are committed to quality and sustainability. We visit our farmers in order tocultivate and maintain such relationships, and to understand what makes their coffee unique and give all the support we can to make sure their cultivars thrive.

With 8.76 million tons of green beans produced every year in more than 70countries, finding truly unique coffees is not easy task. Our team, lead by John Thompson, has more than 18 years of sourcing experience and travels the world in search of those great coffees that make up our portfolio.

Social welfare and sustainability. When we visit farms, it’s paramount to us that we discuss the welfare, social and environmental conditions in place. We reward exceptional quality with prices well above the Fairtrade minimum pricing and the NY ‘C’ market. Third party accreditation is an important part of the coffee world and involves certification schemes such as Organic, Fairtrade or RainforestAlliance. We work with both certified coffee growers and additional coffee farmers who achieve our own high ethical standards.

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