We are proud to be part of the CIRCULAR COFFEE SCOTLAND community and we are fully committed to their ZERO COFFEE WASTE IN SCOTLAND goal. You can now see their logo in our coffee shops and soon we will be selling some of the CIRCULAR PRODUCTS produced from recycled packaging and spent coffee grounds. We believe Scotland can become an example to the world in this regard and invite all our customers to join this wonderful community of consumers and companies working together to find ways to upcycle coffee waste reducing the carbon emissions in our sector.

If you want to know more and participate visit CIRCULAR COFFEE SCOTLAND website. 


The Circular Coffee Community is an entrepreneurial ecosystem hub where individuals and organisations come together to upcycle all coffee waste. Membership is free and everyone's level of engagement depends
 on their circumstances and availability; ranging from casual supporter to active contributor. Whatever your circumstances, if you love coffee and want to help, then you are welcome.

Everyday you're drinking one or more cups of coffee at home, but do you know that every gram of spent coffee will be recycled? ‍Now you can chose to circulate this coffee waste at home or take your grounds to a place where it's going to be upcycled and put to good use. If you want to learn more about the many ways you can recycle, please follow this link.

Do you own a cafe or work in an office and want to become certified members of our network of Sustainable Circular Coffee Establishments? ‍We can help you work closely with your coffee supplier to make sure all the spent coffee produced, as well as the packaging, has been properly upcycled.Have a cafe and want to join us? Follow this link

Do you have ideas about how to turn coffee waste into a business idea or product?Small businesses can collect spent coffee or any other packaging material and transform it into a product sold in the market. This can be achieved by working closely with other members of the Circular Coffee Community developing ideas. 

Are you a part of a larger business or company and want to see waste turned into a viable resource? Can you collect large amounts of spent coffee and extract components that will be utilised for products of high value in the market? Get in touch


Coaster set made with recycled coffee grounds (2 coasters). Cast...